sabato 8 agosto 2020

The Rolling Stones - 1969-1972 - The Best of The Exile Sessions (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

01 Loving Cup I 6:41.25
02 All Down The Line I (acoustic version) 4:37.49
03 (Can't Seem To) Get A Line On You 4:25.57
04 Shine A Light 4:07.66
05 Leather Jacket 3:24.07
06 I'm Goin' Down 3:04.32
07 Good Time Women 3:25.05
08 Shake Your Hips 4:21.12
09 Sweet Virginia 4:22.28
10 Sweet Black Angel (Instrumental) 3:07.39
11 Stop Breaking Down 4:42.29
12 Potted Shrimp 4:06.32
13 Aladdin Story 5:32.55
14 Travellin' Man 6:00.17
15 Let It Loose (Instrumental) 5:58.34
16 Ain't Gonna Lie 3:52.69
17 Loving Cup II 5:45.71
18 All Down The Line II 4:00.69
19 All Down The Line III (withdrawn single)+ 4:06.23
20 I Don't Care+ 2:55.06
21 Exile On Main St Blues+ 1:25.67
22 Exile On Main St Blues (Radio Promo) 0:54.36


Total Time: 90'59"

Notes by the uploader/trader:
To welcome in the year when we should get the definitive collection of "Exile" from Don Was and Sir Michael Philip Jagger (here's hoping!), here is a compilation of the best quality recordings for all the early versions, unreleased material, etc. that is currently available from the sessions that produced "Exile On Main St".
I listened to at least twenty different bootlegs to obtain what seemed to me to be the best sounding versions. In some cases the the choices were marginal; in others they were obvious because the tracks were truncated, badly noise reduced, or they sounded downright dreadful. I also included a few tracks that didn't make it through to the final Exile (or any other) album because they were recorded at the same sessions and appeared to fit naturally.
A few tracks have been mildly equalized (<2.5bB per frequency range) and/or pitch/speed corrected using the "Exile On Main St" Virgin CD as a guide. No compression or noise reduction used. Amadeus Pro (Mac OS X) was used for all editing.
There are obviously other ways to put this together. Others might choose different versions to mine, or argue whether some of the tracks really belong here at all, but hey, that's life.
I'm very interested to hear if anybody has tracks that are listed as coming from the various sessions but are not on these boots (eg. "Sophia Loren" from the Dec 1971/early 1972 LA session). Maybe these and others we don't know about will show up on the official release later this year.

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