sabato 3 dicembre 2016

The Rolling Stones - The Creme Of The Hot Stuff (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Lineage :

Silver CD > Jet Audio > Flac (Level 6) > You!

01. Gimme Shelter (Keith on vocals)
02. Sympathy For The Devil (Beggar's Banquet Outtake)
03. Brown Sugar (Different Mick Taylor lead)
04. Shake Your Hips (Rehearsal Montreaux 1972)
05. Jive Sister Fanny ('69 Acetate with Mick Taylor)
06. I'm Going Down ('69 Acetate with Mick Taylor)
07. Everything's Turning To Gold (Some Girls Outtake)
08. I Go Wild (Extended Version)
09. The Storm (Different Mix)
10. Memo From Turner (Early Demo Version)
11. Let's Go Steady (Emotional Rescue Demo)
12. I'm Going Down (Live '91 Keith & Bob Dylan)
13. Paint It Black (Live Hawaii '66)
14. Satisfaction (Live Hawaii '66)
15. Not Fade Away (Live Wembley '64)
16. I Can See It (Between The Buttons Outtake)
17. Out Of Time (Outtake '66)
18. The Last Time (Outtake '64)
19. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Outtake '71)
20. Angie (Alternate Version '73)

20 Tracks - Total Time: 80 Minutes!


Excellent collection that I've enjoyed for years... A mish-mash of studio demos and soundboard live tunes from 1964 through to 1973. This isa tough CD to find!!

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  1. Thanks for this great collection.
    However track 12 does not feature Bob Dylan. This song by Keith Richards is the 2nd song from his set at the Seville Guitar Legends show of Oct 17th 1991. It was on the first song of KR's set, Shake Rattle & Roll, that Dylan helped with the vocals. He left the stage after that song. I've just re-watched the video to confirm all of this.

  2. Mais uma pérola. Excelente compilação. Obrigado, cara! Muito Obrigado!!

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    See ya!