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Dire Straits with Eric Clapton - The Greatest Hits Concert (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Dire Straits with Eric Clapton 
London, UK. 

CAT.NO.: On Tour OT 20102 
PACKAGE: picture disc / digipack 
source : soundboard 

[A]Wembley Stadium, London UK 11.06.88 (SB) (feat. Clapton, Eric) 
[B]Wembley Arena, London UK 10.07.85 (SB) 

01-Walk Of Life [A] 
02-Sultans Of Swing [A] 
03-Romeo And Juliet [A] 
04-Money For Nothing [A] 
05-Wonderful Tonight [A] Not included, officialy released on Nelson Mandela 1988 Tribute VHS 
06-Solid Rock [A] 
07-Private Investigations [B] 
08-Brothers In Arms [B] 
09-So Far Away [B] 

Running time: 1:07:12 

"Brothers in Arms" & "wonderful Tonight" performed during the Nelson Mandela tribute (1988-06-11) were officialy released on VHS-tape. Brothers in Arms included in this torrent is not from that date. Wonderful Tonight is , and there for removed from the torrent. 

Additional comments J.V.TOL: 
Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "The Greatest hits concert". Wembley Stadium on 11th June 1988 was the venue for a unique gathering of musicians and performers from all over the world who under the banner of Artists Against Apartheid paid tribute to Nelson Mandela for his 70th Birthday. An audience estimated to be well over half a billion people in some 63 countries participated in an event with a simple compelling message: "Free Nelson Mandela". Dire Straits appeared as the closing act of that unforgettable day with Eric Clapton on second guitar. Until today, it was probably the most important and powerful concert of the Dire Straits history. Great sounding recording but unfortunately the Mandela show is missing Brothers in arms. The last three tracks are from the famous Wembley Arena show from 1985. Both recordings have very good sound quality. 

Enlight note: 
Great performance by Eric Clapton during the wembley stadium tracks,standing tricky little inside left. Always nice to impress your non-musicality or never heared of Mark Knopfler friends/people with this gem! fasten your seatbelts and enjoy. 

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