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Guns N' Roses - 1991-01-23 - Rio de Janeiro, BR (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Maracana Stadium

Rock in Rio II

01 - Introduction
02 - Pretty Tied Up
03 - Mr. Brownstone
04 - I Was Only Joking
05 - Patience
06 - Nightrain
07 - Godfather Theme
08 - Double Talkin' Jive
09 - Welcome To The Jungle
10 - Only Women Bleed
11 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
12 - Drum Solo
13 - You Could Be Mine
14 - Civil War
15 - Paradise City

Total running time: 1:07:38

Pro-shot multi-cam mix DVD
Lineage: Low generation video sources VIDEO_TS > Pinnacle Studio 14 > VIDEO_TS
video sources used:
-Pre-Mix-Slash’s cam (Will)
-Pre-Mix-Axl's cam (Limulus)
-TV Broadcast (Milton Purple & Jarl)
-MTV Broadcast & MTV's "Hard 'N' Heavy 13" (Limulus)
Video: 720x576, 25fps, 4:3, PAL
Bitrate: 6500kbs
Including chapters and menus.
Transfered, edited & authored by Buda

Audio lineage:
-Original video audio
-"Maracana XPII" 2CD (silvers) > EAC (secure, offset corrected) > Flac > WAV > LPCM

Originally intended as an experiment with the recently appeared two unseen Slash and Axl cams (thanks to "w.axl.rose" at HTGTH) but the also available different broadcasts made it possible to expand it furthermore. Unfortunately not all through; the last four tracks are simple multi-cam versions to make all the available footage complete. Paradise City has a missing chunk of video but audio completes.

Only flaw present on this release is the sound delay of Godfather. At the end of a rather long authoring process and after trying more than a dozen of different settings to render this track as
flawlessly as the rest, the result always came with this 2 minutes long part not in snych due to some unconquerable software malfunction.

Despite this downer, the movie is safe and sound and thanks to the numerous views and stellar performances, a joy to see. You certainly saw and heard it a million times already but probably
have never seen it the way quite like this. - Buda

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