Saturday, November 11, 2017

Nirvana - 1993-01-23 - Rio de Janeiro, BR (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull NTSC pro-shot)

Praça da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival)

Generation: TV>VHS(2)>STANDALONE>DVDR(4) - 2 discs
Source: PRO #1 - professional video "uncut"
Length: 97 mins - complete

Transferred by: unknown, authored by Michael Asplund
Video: 8 mb/s MPEG2 (NTSC)
Audio: 384 kb/s MPEP

Transfer authoring notes by Asplund:

Re-authored from standalone DVD-R made from VHS(1).
Cleaned up sound and picture, Using Wavelab and TMPGenc. Some Video
noise is audible due to the age of the Master VHS.

Disc 1 :
01 - L'Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (jam)
02 - School
03 - Drain You
04 - Breed
05 - Sliver
06 - In Bloom
07 - Come As You Are
08 - Love Buzz
09 - Possibilities (jam)
10 - Lithium
11 - Polly
12 - About A Girl
13 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
14 - On A Plain
15 - Negative Creep
16 - Been A Son
17 - Blew

Disc 2 :
01 - Heart-Shaped Box
02 - Scentless Apprentice
03 - Sweet Emotion (jam)
04 - Dive
05 - Lounge Act
06 - Aneurysm
07 - Territorial Pissings

This is the uncut version and features different camera angles to all other circulating videos of this show. The camera work is excellent providing some great shots. The picture quality is very good and suffers from very little generation loss, the picture is fairly dull but is still very good. The audio is open mic sourced and is good but does fall short of the other DVDs of this show. There is a logo on the screen until partway through "Heart-Shaped Box". The credits on the DVD state it is a VID(1) but this is due to a difference in methods of recording generations. The audio and video are a split second out of synch in a few small portions of the DVD on all circulating copies. THIS A PROPER VERSION OF DVD with NO PROBLEM in "Blew"

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