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The Notting Hillbillies - 1990-05-15 - Snape, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

"SNAPE live in 1990" (RCJS-DVD) PRO-SHOT/soundboard. With rare bonus!

The Maltings,

DVD version of the only Notting Hillbillies concert filmed for TV, in Snape 1990. This version is taken from 'Rocksteady' broadcasted in the UK and includes band rehearsals / interview in studio before you can watch the concert. Very good picture quality and sound has been remastered.

The show contain rare songs from this concert :
Railroad Worksong
Dallas Rag

As bonus, we put two rare TV shows from 1990, very interesting.

format : DVD-R1(PAL) PRO-SHOT
ratio : 4:3
audio : Dolby digital
menu :YES, full menu.
Time: :1h.18.40

excact lineage 
unknown(Probably:PRO-SHOT from ROCKSTEADY TV broadcast-recorder-DVD)

DVD Production by RCJS

1- Interview / Rehearsals

Rocksteady special - 15th May 1990 contains:
Run me down acoustic
Weapon of prayer - acoustic
Bewildered - rehearsal
When it comes to you - rehearsal
Interview /
Your own sweet way - acoustic

!!IMPORTANT NOTE:small pieces of three officially video clips ( sultans of swing, money for nothing,and your own sweet way),
are within the time-limit according to dime's rules for documentary's with officially contents!!!

Mark Knopfler, Guitar & Vocal
Brendan Crocker, Guitar & Vocal
Steve Philips, Guitar & Vocal
Guy Fletcher, Keyboards
Marcus Cliff, Bass
Paul Franklin, Pedal Steel
Ed Bicknell, drums

2- When it comes to you
3- Water of love
4- That's alright Mama
5- Your own sweet way
6- Railraod worksong
7- Bewildered
8- Dallas rag
9- Run me down
10- Hobo's lullaby
11- I think I love you too much
12- Steelrail blues
13- Feel like going home

LATE SHOW 1990-03-28

1- Bewildered
2- Setting me up
3- The next time I'm in town


1- Your own sweet way

Late Show :
Recorded TV Studios,
London, UK - March 28th 1980

Paramount City Theatre :
Recorded Paramount City Theatre,
London, UK - March 30th 1990

Made by the RCJS team. This is the only proshot concert from The Notting Hillbillies so far. And what a great one. First of all, the footage in the documentary is great: interviews, rehearsals. Guy Fletcher telling how he joined the Hillbillies, the world premier for 'When it comes to you', etc. The show itself is great. Mark Knopfler is brilliant playing the guitar. You can see Ed Bicknell (the old Dire Straits manager) playing drums and a special guest: Paul Franklin ('the best pedal steel guitar in the world') who a year later will join Dire Straits for their last tour.

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