martedì 3 luglio 2018

Johnny Winter - 1970-04-23 - Montreux, CH (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

DVD disc (mail)--> Tmpegenc dvd author; extracted mpeg2 stream--> added proper chapterpoints and menu.

Fileformat; DVD-5
Filesize; 1.41 GB
Duration; 41 minutes

Videosource; VHS
TV system; NTSC
Screen format; 4:3
Frames per second; 29.9
Resolution; 720x480
videocodec; mpeg2
Videobitrate; 4.606 kbs
Audiocodec; AC3
Audiobitrate; 256 kbs

01. Johnny B. Goode
02. Mean Mistreater
03. Black Cat Bone
04. Help Me
05. Talk to your Daughter
06. Mean Town Blues

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