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Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 1998-07-14 - Mansfield, MA (ALD/FLAC)


Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Great Woods
Mansfield, Massachusetts
July 14, 1998

ALD recording - polarity corrected

ALD in-house FM broadcast => ? => DAT (generation unknown) => DIME => back-end processing

Disc one (61:50):
(1) Egyptian Intro (1:52)
(2) The Wanton Song (3:12)
(3) Bring It On Home (1:32)
(4) Heartbreaker (6:05)
(5) Ramble On (5:47)
(6) Walking Into Clarksdale (7:12)
(7) No Quarter (12:32)
(8) Shining in the Light (4:55)
(9) Going To California (5:13)
(10) Tangerine (3:19)
(11) Gallows Pole (5:35)
(12) Heart In Your Hand (4:34)

Disc two (52:58):
(1) Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (9:39)
(2) How Many More Times (Incl. In The Light, Season of the Witch) (13:55)
(3) Most High (6:48)
(4) Whole Lotta Love (8:33)
(5) Thank You (7:44)
(6) Rock and Roll (6:16)

Artwork, info file, and md5 signature are included.

Sometime in the early days of Dime, I converted my DAT recording (acquired in trade, so I don't know the lineage) of Jimmy Page & Robert Plant's Boston show from the "Walking Into Clarksdale" tour. Very little is known in terms of the origins of this recording -- rumors were that this is an in-house Assistive Listening Device (ALD) broadcast that was used at Great Woods around this time, and this is borne out by the fact that there are several other "soundboards" of similar fidelity floating around from this period by other bands. Apparently it made the rounds online and one industrious downloader ("caddy72") discovered that the sound quality could be dramatically improved by reversing the polarity of one of the channels. I personally don't have a clue what this means in technical terms, but apparently it's a common phenomenon with many ALD recordings that the polarity is somehow reversed in the process of broadcast.

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