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Sinead O'Connor - 1995-06-05 - Landgraaf, NL (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Sinead O’Connor 
Pinkpop Festival 
The Netherlands 

01 Famine 
02 All babies 
03 Thank you for hearing me 
04 The last day of our acquaintance 
05 I am stretched on your grave 
06 In this heart 
07 Fire on Babylon 
08 Mandinka 

Excellent video-to-DVD transfer of broadcast by Dutch TV of Sinéad O'Connor's appearance at 1995's Pinkpop Festival, on 5 June. The running order seems to have been changed and the show truncated, but it's a good disc nonetheless

Another fine treat I found hidden on one of my VHS tapes! I recorded this from the live broadcast of the festival. Even if you think you have this already - check what you have, as I’ve never seen or heard the first song in circulation! I believe it was transmitted live, while the rest was broadcast later the same day, or maybe there was an interruption for a news broadcast or something. Anyway, I was really happy to find this, as the image and sound quality are both also pretty fine! 

The DVD has no menu, and is not indexed. Feel free to re-author it, and share back to the community. 

System: PAL 
Aspect ratio: 4:3 
Video: 720 x 576, 9300 Kbps average, 25 fps 
Audio: AC3-A52, 256 Kbps 

Lineage: TV > VHS tape (master) > stand-alone DVD recorder (HQ-modus) > DVD > video_ts folder > you 

A while back, I digitised my old VHS tapes and binned them after recording what I wanted to keep. Most (if not all) of these tapes have been recorded on various hifi stereo video recorders, some in single play, some in long play mode. I've used my most recent video recorder (Sony SLV-SE600) for playback and a stand-alone DVD-recorder (Sony RDR-HX780) to create DVDs. They have no menus and no chapters. If anyone feels compelled to re-author any of them - be my guest. 

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