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Bob Dylan - 1999-07-30 - Wantagh, NY (SBD/AUD/MTX/FLAC)


Jones Beach Ampitheatre 

SBD/AUD Matrix by OctopusRider (Bob Dylan set only) 

SBD: "Something Is Happening On Mr. Jones' Beach" (Rattlesnake) LB-5099 

AUD: Sony D3 Walkman > Sony CDRs > FLAC (A Doinker Tape) LB-5100 

Disc One 44:12 
1 Babe, It Ain't No Lie 03:49 
2 Mr. Tambourine Man 07:53 
3 Desolation Row 08:55 
4 Girl From The North Country 05:40 
5 Tangled Up In Blue 08:53 
6 All Along The Watchtower 03:44 
7 Shelter From The Storm 05:16 

Disc Two 41:45
1 Maggie's Farm 06:06 
2 Not Dark Yet 06:23 
3 introductions 00:51 
4 Highway 61 Revisited 06:32 
5 Like A Rolling Stone 07:51 
6 It Ain't Me Babe 10:06 
7 Not Fade Away 05:32 

The soundboard was captured via FM reception on a "hard of hearing" device. It was released as "Something Is Happening On Mr. Jones' Beach" (Rattlesnake RS029/030/031). The sound is very clear but there is lots of weird sounding quick fades especially when the vocals are strong. This sounds like it is from heavy FM compression. The mix is very dry and there is no venue ambience present. 

The Doinker audience recording was captured stage center, about 30 rows back. It was recorded on a Sony D3 Walkman and was ported to two Sony cdr's before being converted to FLAC(6) using Nero. 

Babe It Ain't No Lie is missing from the SBD source. The first 50 seconds of Highway 61 Revisited are missing from the AUD source. There are too many cuts and dropouts in both sources to list them all. Everything now fades in and out real smooth. 

The combination of these two sources makes for a very nice listen. I have always found the SBD to be unlistenable given all its strange audible blemishes. However, the Doinker tape brings out the clarity of the SBD recording. When the heavy compression reduces the db of the SBD the AUD is always right there to make up for the SBD drop. The AUD is very warm and adds so much dimension to the Matrix it is almost silly to try to write about it. 

Matrix: both sources > WAV > Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 > WAV > FLAC(8) 

Traders Little Helper was used to decode original lossless FLAC files to WAV and to convert back to FLAC. Cakewalk was used to align, speed-correct, join, separate and fade all tracks. No EQ was used on this matrix. Shelter From The Storm and Maggie's Farm can be joined together seamlessly for longer media. 

SBD/AUD Matrix and Artwork by OctopusRider February 2009. 

Special thanks to Doinker for supplying both sources. 

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