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Emerson Lake And Palmer - 1992-07-31 - Stanhope, NJ (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Waterloo Village

WNEW-FM NY Broadcast September 3, 1992

This was broadcast a couple of months after the concert took place. This is not the full performance. Full set list can be viewed here.

FM Broadcast> Maxell XLII-90 off air master> NAK BX-125> M-Audio 24/96> Adobe Audition> WAV> Flacfrontend> Flac 6> YOU

01 Intro
02 Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression Part 2
03 Tarkus
04 Knife Edge
05 Black Moon
06 From The Begining
07 Affairs Of The Heart
08 Lucky Man
09 Station Break
10 Pictures At An Exhibition
11 Closing Remarks and Credits

This is part of the Atlasstar Attic Treasures Series. My attic consists of thousands of cassettes collected since the 70's. I will post them in no particular order as I pull them out of the attic and convert to digital. Some of these artists I know well and collect myself, other I know little about just picked up along the way. I will provide as much info as I can but if anyone can add any insight to the recordings it would be appreciated. If the same recording is circulating in better quality please let me know as I have no intention of polluting the trading pool.

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