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Bryan Adams - 2013-04-20 - Melbourne, AU (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Rod Laver Arena

Recorded by Brother Ruprecht
RHS of stage, row H, 30m from stage.

Equipment and recording details
Audio Reality Mikes / Battery Box > Sony PCM M10B (Manual Levels (5) LCF off, Limiter off, Mic sens Low) > Audactity (track split) > FLAC (Traders Little Helper)

01 House Arrest
02 Somebody
03 Here I am
04 Kids Wanna Rock
05 Can't Stop This Thing We Started
06 Bryan Talks
07 Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven
08 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
09 Hearts on Fire
10 Do I Have to Say the Words
11 18 Till I Die
12 Back to You
13 Summer of 69
14 If You Wanna Leave Me
15 Everything I do
16 Cuts Like a Knife
17 Choosing a Singer
18 When You're Gone
19 Heaven
20 Please Forgive Me
21 It's Only Love
22 The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me
23 Run To You
24 Cloud Number 9
25 Audience
26 Straight From the Heart
27 All For Love

Taper Notes
Went to this one with my wife - we saw Bryan at Gateshead Stadium, England sometime in July 1992 - and I remember enjoying that one. 21 years later (Jesus I'm getting old) I have to admit I enjoyed this one as well.

I know he's a bit "Sloppy lovey dovey" at times - but the Reckless album was a good album and it's all good honest rock and roll - if a little on the glam rock side. Not Led Zeppelin - but still an enjoyable show.

Bryan's voice has not dropped off that much, and he's one of the older guys now that doesn't think he's the big rock star - comes out and entertains and looks like he's enjoying at the same time. He picked a girl out the audience and got her to sing with him and commented that it sometimes is a "Fucking disaster" but it went fairly well - for a pharmacist from Melton she did OK.

I had a couple of nobheads behind me (again - I'm sure they are following me) - one of these dicks was clapping out of time !! How can you do that? I didn't think anyone could have been born with such an affliction. I kept looking over my shoulder with a "What the f**K?" on my face - but he was blindly clapping and smiling like a retard. I don't think it spoiled the recording though. As usual Rod Laver Arena produced a good sound and the PCM and Mikes caught it all well.

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