mercoledì 4 marzo 2020

Yes - 1979-06-09 - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


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Disc 1 
01. Intro / Siberian Khatru 
02. Heart Of The Sunrise 
03. Future Times / Rejoice 
04. Circus Of Heaven 
05. big medley (Time And A Word, Long Distance Runaround, The Fish, Perpetual Change, Soon) 
06. Madrigal *** 
07. Clap 

Disc 2 
01. And You & I 
02. Starship Trooper 
03. Wakeman Solo 
04. Awaken 
(5. Tour Song - not included; officially released) 
06. I've Seen All Good People 
07. Roundabout 

*** Madrigal probably does not belong in the set as I can find no other evidence in any other show of the '79 tour where it was played. My recommendation would be to leave that out if burning to CD. Its included here as it was on my CD copy that I got in a trade. 

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