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Duran Duran - 1989-06-30 - Leysin, CH (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

CD-R obtained in trade years ago, verified lossless via Spectro. 

01 I Don't Want Your Love 
02 Hungry Like The Wolf 
03 Do You Believe In Shame? 
04 Maximum Big Surprise (Election Day - Some Like It Hot) 
05 All She Wants Is / Planet Earth 
06 A View To A Kill 
07 The Chauffeur 
08 Palomino 
09 Girls On Film / Notorious 
10 Is There Something I Should Know? 
11 Wild Boys 
12 Save A Prayer 
13 Get It On 

Bonus Tracks: Arsenio Hall Show, Los Angeles, California, USA 1989
14 Girls On Film 
15 Do You Believe In Shame? 

The only problem here is that there are a couple of female broadcasters here who refuse to shut up. They blab, and blab, and blab all the way thru this recording. Sometimes they even talk over some of the songs. They just refuse to shut up. The audio is awesome, though. Well worth adding to your collection. The two bonus tracks from the Arsenio Hall Show are pretty rare, too.

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