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Van Morrison - 1974-06-30 - Montreux, CH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Van Morrison
Title: If You Don't Like It, Go Fuck Yourself LifeLine LL CD 9101 
Date: 1974-06-30 ( June 30, 1974 )
Venue: Congres Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland
Source: Soundboard 
Quality: Excellent
Lineage: Downloaded from private tracker, none given

Van Morrison: vocal, guitar, harmonica 
Peter Wingfield: keyboards, vocal 
Dallas Taylor: drums 
Jerome Rimson: bass

01. It's Not the Twilight Zone
02. I Like It Like That
03. Foggy Mountain Top
04. Bulbs
05. Swiss Cheese
06. Heathrow Shuffle
07. Naked in the Jungle
08. Street Choir
09. Instrumental (Harmonica Boogie)
10. Since I Fell For You

Review from Steve: 
The title has come from a line near the end of the CD. Spoken by Van Morrison in reply to someone in the audience who seems to disagree with Van taking a long time to return for an encore (about 3-4 minutes of clapping) and gets up on the stage himself - Van Morrison replies "If You Don't Like It, Go Fuck Yourself"

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