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The Beatles Cathode ray tube collection vol 04 (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

1. Around The Beatles* - 26:04
Rec: Associated Rediffusion, London. 19/28 April 1964

2. NME Pollwinner's Concert 1964 - 16:38
Rec: Empire Pool, Wembley, London, 26 April 1964

3. The Beatles In Nederland* - 30:39
Rec: VARA TV, Treslong cafe-restaurant, Hillegom, 5 June 1964

Bonus Tracks:
4. A Degree Of Frost - 5:10
Rec: BBC TV, 15 April 1964

5. Live In Blokker - 2:31
Rec: Exhibition Hall, Blokker, 6 June 1964

(*) denotes remastered audio option

A Word From Hobs

If you've made it this far then you're now halfway through! We join the lads for their networked TV special 'Around The Beatles', which was also (unusually for that time) exported all around the globe. The complete special including guest acts was featured on Around The Beatles Revisited. Here just The Beatles sections are included, but with the same choice of original audio or reconstructed hifi audio. The picture has also been upgraded slightly since then.

Next up is the NME Pollwinner's Concert appearance, which has only recently surfaced in timecode-free quality. Not The Beatles' greatest performance, but they are certainly buzzed to be playing for a stadium crowd at a time when this was still a novelty for them. Their award presentation is also included here.

Continuing on from this is their Dutch TV special 'The Beatles In Nederland', starting with a lengthy but witty interview and followed up with a major upgrade of their mimed performance (previously seen on There Was Love All Around in pal format). A remastered audio option is also provided, although it should be noted that on the original default soundtrack Paul and George can be heard singing along with the records.

Also included are two bonus tracks: a unique interview with Paul by David Frost and a pristine copy of I Saw Her Standing There as performed in Blokker (seen here at its correct speed and pitch for the first time).

Note that this is A NON PROFIT FAN PROJECT made for the amusement of our friends and fellow Beatle-heads. Please don't charge money for copies, and support any future commercial release of this material.

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