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The Beatles Cathode ray tube collection vol 05 (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Disc 5:

1. Live In Melbourne* (reconstruction) - 31:41
Rec: Festival Hall, Melbourne, 17 June 1964.

2. Blackpool Night Out (audio only) - 15:21

Txd live: ABC Theatre, Blackpool, 19 July 1964.

3. Shindig! - 7:25

Rec: Granville Studio, Fulham, 3 Oct 1964.

4. Thank Your Lucky Stars - 10:23

Rec: Teddington Studio Centre, Teddington, 14 Nov 1964.

5. Ready Steady Go!* - 15:36

Rec: Wembley Studios, Wembley, 23 Nov 1964.

Bonus Tracks:

6. Scene At 6.30 (studio gallery footage) - 3:38
Rec: Granada TV, Manchester, 14 Oct 1964.

7. Not Only But Also - 8:18

Rec: Wimbledon Common, London, 20 Nov 1964 / Studio 1, Television Centre, London, 29 Nov 1964.

(*) denotes remastered audio option

This volume kicks off with a reconstruction of their final Melbourne gig. Four of the songs are mostly lost in video but the audio survives in master quality and the pictures here have been replaced with chronological news footage. The rest of the show now has a true stereo option thanks to Hiwax. Previously this appeared on There Was Love All Around in PAL format and in mono only.

Their third Big Night Out (aka Blackpool Night Out) appearance follows, which is sadly lost in video as it was transmitted live and never recorded. However a superb quality audio recording exists and has been include here for completeness, along with the 'Doctor Skit' which saw Ringo being examined on a stretcher.

Shindig is up next, and then one of their few surviving Thank Your lucky Stars spots, which both highlight a few rarely seen songs. This leads into their third and final Ready Steady Go appearance which once again has been reconstructed in high quality and with an optional remastered soundtrack.

Two bonus items round out the disc: the first some gallery footage of the boys recording I Should Have Known Better for People And Places (the broadcast of which is lost), and John's unique contribution to the pioneering comedy series Not Only But Also.

Note that this is A NON PROFIT FAN PROJECT made for the amusement of our friends and fellow Beatle-heads. Please don't charge money for copies, and support any future commercial release of this material.

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