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The Beatles Cathode ray tube collection vol 03 (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

A Word From Hobs...

Disc 3:
December 1963 - April 1964

1. Thank Your Lucky Stars* - 10:10
Rec: Alpha Televsion Studios, Birmingham, 15 Dec 1963.

2. Sunday Night At The London Palladium (slideshow) - 14:49
Txd live: 12 Jan 1964.

3. The Ed Sullivan Show (rehearsal) - 16:22
Rec: Deauville Hotel, Miami, 16 Feb 1964, not transmitted.

4. Big Night Out* (reconstruction) - 17:03
Rec: ABC TV’s Teddington Studio Centre, 23 Feb 1964.

5. Ready Steady Go!* - 20:26
Txd live: Associated Rediffusion, London, 20 March 1964.

Bonus Tracks
6. Roundup (reconstruction) - 7:00
Rec: Theatre Royal, Glasgow, 30 April 1964.

7. The Ed Sullivan Show - 5:28
Rec: Scala Theatre, Charlotte Street, London & the garden of Les Ambassadeurs, 31 March & 17 April 1964.

(*) denotes remastered audio option

Welcome to volume three. We kick off here with another Thank Your Lucky stars appearance with remastered mono audio (or, if you prefer, the original audio... don't say you aren't spoiled for choice). This is followed by their second Palladium appearance, which was sadly never videotaped but here has been brought to life in colour and monochrome thanks to a fab set of stills contributed by the community. Next up is the afternoon rehearsal for their second Ed Sullivan appearance, the broadcast of which can be found (along with the other installments) on the official dvd release.

Big Night Out is reconstructed here from two separate sources: one video and one film. I've combined elements from each to produce a recreation of the actual broadcast rather than the rather odd edit that is commonly seen. Once again there is the option of two audios here, as there is with Ready Steady Go which likewise has been reconstructed from several different sources to maintain high quality throughout.

An interview probably new to many folks is their appearance on the Scottish children's programme Roundup. Only about half the video is available so I've plugged the gaps here with audio recordings... "please do not adjust your set." Finally there is an interview broadcast on Sullivan following their return to England, which segues into an outtake of You Can't Do That from their first film.

This is a NON PROFIT fan project intended for free distribution among hard core fans. Please don't sell copies and support any future official release of this material.

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