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John Fogerty - 1987-07-04 - Landover, MD (TV/FLAC)

(TV braodcast FLAC)

Capitol Centre

Cassette master > Nakamichi CR-7A (playback) > HHB CDR-850 (burning) > CDR, then
CDR > EAC > WAV > Editing (see below) > FLAC Frontend > FLAC

01. Announcer
02. The Old Man Down The Road (musical intro)
03. Born On The Bayou
04. Down On The Corner
05. John addresses the audience
06. Who'll Stop The Rain
07. Up Around The Bend
08. The Midnight Special
09. Bad Moon Rising
10. Audience applause
11. Fortunate Son
12. Vietnam tribute segment (incomplete; no Fogerty)
13. Proud Mary

On July 4, 1987, 25 years ago today, HBO broadcasted a special concert event entitled Welcome Home. The concert was designed to raise money to support homeless Viet Nam veterans. The roster for the show included Stevie Wonder, CSN, Linda Ronstadt, Kris Kristofferson and Neil Diamond, with John Fogerty closing the night. According to the notes that accompanied this tape, during rehearsals, Fogerty played only solo material, as he was still in a dispute with his record company over his recordings with Creedence. When he hit the stage, he seemed intent on continuing to ignore his past, as the band began playing Old Man Down The Road. And then it happened, one of those magical moments that occur just once in a musical lifetime.
Fogerty stopped, huddled up with his band mates, and then launched into Born on The Bayou!
The rest of the set was all Creedence classics, including Bad Moon Rising. Who’ll Stop The Rain, Down On The Corner and Proud Mary, just to name a few. From that show forward, CCR material would again grace every Fogerty concert! Download this SBD recording to own this classic moment, but remember, it’s actually the 2nd time that Fogerty played a Creedence tune after going almost 15 years without one!

TheCommish notes:
* Track 2 is only a musical intro (i.e., no lyrics & is NOT the entire song)
* When burning the show to CD, you can omit Track 12 if desired (since it's not a music track and Fogerty is not present in it); if you decide to leave that track out, Track 11 and Track 13 flow together pretty seemlessly.
* You may also decide to leave out Track 10 (approx. 1:26 of audience cheering) when burning to CD. If you do, Track 09 and Track 11 should play together seemlessly.

Editing notes:
* Re-tracked show (combined WAV files in Nero, then re-split with CD Wave)
* To adjust for the gradual volume fade-in on the source, volume was increased in Track 01 (+12dB for 0:00-0:02, +6dB for 0:02-0:09, and +4dB for 0:09-0:18); as a result, the track volume is now much more even

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