sabato 20 luglio 2019

The Who - 1989-06-16 - Glens Falls, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

"The Night Before The Resurrection"
Civic Center

Silver CD --> EAC --> WAV --> FLAC 8

Simon Phillips
Jody Linscott
Kick Horns
Steve Bolton
Rabbit Bundrick
Chyna, Billy Nichols
Cleveland Watkiss

01. Sister Disco
02. You Better You Bet
03. Who Are You
04. Baba O'Riley
05. Behind Blue Eyes
06. Won't Get Fooled Again
07. Hey Joe

Liberated boot, great sound, interesting rehearsal footage from before the '89 Tour. The date is either correct and the title off, or not correct and the title is right. If so perhaps this is from the 20th. Sister Disco is probably the most interesting track along with Hey Joe. Soundboard quality so the sound is really great.

Fantastic sound quality but as with early 1989 stuff, Pete barely plays any electric guitar, so I just listen for John in this one. But don't let that deter you, this is still great!

Some interesting stuff here, like Who Are You starts off without lead vocals (and Pete plays electric!). Hey Joe is there too but it's a bad performance when compared to later versions as Pete doesn't have a monster solo in it.

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