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Jimi Hendrix - 1969-01-19 - Stuttgart, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Jimi Hendrix Experience 
Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany 
January 19th 1969 1st show upgrade 

lineage: master cassette (lost) > 1st gen reel > wav > flac 

taper: Harald Rapp 

01. Intro 
02. Come On Pt.1
03. Fire 
04. IDLT 
05. Hey Joe 
06. Foxy Lady 
07. Stone Free 
08. Sunshine of Your Love 
09. Star Spangled Banner 
10. Purple Haze 
11. Voodoo Chile (SR) 

total time: 57:42 

Jimi Hendrix / Noel Redding / Mitch Mitchell 

This torrent is dedicated to L.P., who was not the only one, but the most memorable member of a small group of "collectors" who had to harrass me with hate mails for being so slow in getting this torrent out here, after I had made public the discovery of this reel about a year ago and at the same time announced, that I will torrent it " as soon as I can", or "when I have the time for it". 

Emails that called me a "slow motherfucker", "lying little shank", "scammer & bullshitter"...yes folks, that´s exactly what you want to hear from people who will after all get it for free but can´t wait for a year or so. To all of those who participated in calling me names: i would love to make sure that you´ll never get a copy of this as you don´t deserve a single bit of my personal time and efforts that went into contacting Harald and getting the reel for the transfer. Of course I can´t prevent it, and I am happy to share it with everyone. But watch out: instant karma´s gonna get you! 

But enough now, back to the tape: this recording was discovered in late 2009 while a german radio station was doing research for a special on the Hendrix show in Stuttgart. Back then, the taper, Harald Rapp (all thanks have to go to him!) made available a cassette copy. That cassette copy was heavily equalized and worked on in the legendary FAUST studio in Scheer, with substantial help of FAUST legend Hans Joachim Irmler, and the radio station used a snippet of "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" for the broadcast. Shortly thereafter I was able to contact Harald myself and got his copy of the complete cassette tape, which is where all previous versions of the "real" Stuttgart source came from. It turned out that the cassette was actually a 2nd gen copy of his original master recording. The master had been recorded onto casette, then in the 70ties Harald had made a dub to reel to reel, and at the end of the Seventies he made another dub from that reel to cassette again, as the times for his reel deck had passed. The master cassette had vanished in the meantime. Apparently he omitted a few segments for his last 2nd gen dub, and while we were talking about all this, he decided that another search for the 1st gen reel should be done. Luckily one year (check this out L.P.! I am not the only one who takes "soon" or "when I have the time" as possibly being a year or so...) later, he got back to me and said he had finally located the reel in a box stored away at a friends house and was I still intereted in it? Well...yes! Indeed the reel featured the complete recording as it was preserved on his master cassette with substantially more music than the 2nd gen cassette that was used for the radio broadcast. We now have the full Foxy Lady (this one was cut on the versions before), a new Stone Free as well as a yet unheard Sunshine of your Love. Bingo! This transfer was done on a Grundig reel to reel deck and the reason it took me so long to get it out to torrentland was my hope to get a better reel to reel deck for another transfer, but no one (especially not the ones bitching about why it takes so long) was able or willing to help. I do not want to ship the reel anywhere. So unless someone is willing to come to my place with a nice Revox B77 or a similar deck, this transfer is likely the one that you all will have to live with. This has not been touched at all, it is the raw transfer. It has less hiss than the earlier version, but the overall sound does not appear to be much better on first listening, as it was not heavily equalized. I would hope that some of the usual remastering suspects would be willing to donate some of their time to this. I hope you will all enjoy this now (finally) complete show by the JHE in Stuttgart from 1969! 

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