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Roxy Music - 1976-03-08 - Hempstead, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Calderone Theater 
Hempstead, NY 
8 March 1976 
emperor nobody remaster 

Bryan Ferry: lead vocal 
Phil Manzanera: guitars 
Andy MacKay: saxophones, oboe, keyboards 
Eddie Jobson: keyboards, violin 
Paul Thompson: drums 
Rick Wills: bass and backing vocals 

01. Sentimental Fool 
02. The Thrill of It All 
03. Love Is the Drug 
04. Mother Of Pearl 
05. Bitter Sweet 
06. Out of The Blue 
07. Whirlwind 
08. Sea Breezes 
09. Both Ends Burning 
10. For your Pleasure---> 
11. Diamond Head 
12. Wild Weekend 

notes on the remaster 
Here is a very special treat courtesy of one of my best friends of the last, oh, 25 years, my pal Irin, a professional soundman in Brooklyn, NY. He was kind enough to send this to me, it was taped directly off the radio (WLIR-FM, Garden City, NY) by him in 1984, and it's a b-e-a-s-t! 

All the bootlegs I have ever run across of this performance are all from multi-gen tapes and sound horrifyingly compressed... the one on the Scorpio label ("Wild Weekend") suffers from a ridiculous amount of compression and contains practically zero high end, whilst the other one I have (remastered by NoSpEx in 2007, I believe, from another source) is also from a mulit-generated tape and suffers from a pervasive clipping & distortion in the low end due to what he described in the notes I saved from that torrent as a faulty original digital transfer over which he had no control. 

So, given that the performance contained herein is such an indisputably ripping scorcher, it seems appropriate to finally get this puppy circulating from a bona fide first-generation source, thanks to Irin. In this remaster I stayed away from EQ and noise reduction and whatnot, especially because of the other versions I mentioned where such things are prevalent to the point of intrusiveness. Bottom line is that this tape has survived the last quarter century in terrific shape and I really felt it didn't need any artificial enhancements, especially since Irin's transfer was so well-done & tasty to begin with. 

All I changed was a few repairs of the isolated static (not too many, maybe twice in the whole show) and some channel dropouts and whatnot. The tape flip (first few seconds of "Both Ends Burning") was patched using the aforementioned NoSpEx remaster, which I EQ'd paragraphically to get a closer sonic match with the main source (not easy because they were very different-sounding indeed). Hopefully it isn't too intrusive, but at any rate it's just a few seconds so no worries. 

Someday, a pre-FM master of this will surface... a while back when whoever it was was torrenting all those WLIR masters I was seriously hoping for this one but I guess he didn't have it, oh well. Until it surfaces this will probably be the best version out there, so give it a spin and see what you think... it's a massive upgrade over the other versions, at least, IMO. 

emperor nobody 
west oakland, california 
u.s. of obama! 

lineage: WLIR-FM broadcast, 1984--->chrome high bias cassette (remember those?)--->Sanyo tape deck (long gone!). 

New transfer: Sony professional cassette deck--->M-Box--->24-bit encoding to wav--->FLAC level 6 via Trader's Little Helper--->sendspace--->24-bit wav via FLAC Frontend--->16-bit wav via DB PowerAmp--->Sound Forge 9--->FLAC level 8 via Trader's Little Helper--->brother, can you share a DIME--->you! 

PS--Irin runs a website-with-accompanying-podcast-of-excellence called Ambient Chaser, check him out at early and often, OK? 

Thanks of course go to him for taking the time to record & transfer the tape, to Le Musique Roxy for burning down the Calderone like they did and thanks to you for downloading this most stompin' show.

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