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Weird Al Yankovic - 1995-03-31 - Hamilton, ON (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Hamilton Place

SBD -> DAT -> cassette -> Sound Forge 5 (for transferring and EQ) -> CDR -> FLAC 

"Weird Al" Yankovic: Lead Vocals, Accordion, Keyboard 
Jim West: Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Background Vocals 
Larry Antonino: Bass Guitar, Background Vocals 
Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz: Drums & Percussion, French Horn 
RubÈn Valtierra: Keyboards, Background Vocals 

*Larry Antonino subs for Steve Jay on bass. 

01. FunZone ~ Video Clip: Plots r Us 
02. Beverly Hillbillies 
03. Lasagna 
04. Bohemian Polka 
05. One More Minute Intro 
06. One More Minute 
07. Video Clips: Sting interview 
08. Like A Surgeon (Truth Or Dare version) 
09. Video Clips: Raul's Wild Kingdom 
10. Since You've Been Gone 
11. Headline News 
12. Drum Solo (F Horn) 
13. Generic Blues 
14. Guitar solo (Mary Had a Little Lamb) 

15. Food Medley: 
Theme from Rocky XIII 
I Love Rocky Road 
Chicken Pot Pie 
The White Stuff 
My Bologna 
Taco Grande 
Addicted to Spuds 
Green Eggs & Ham 
Livin in the Fridge 
Eat It 

16. Bass Solo (3 notes) 
17. Jurassic Park 
18. You Don't Love Me Anymore 
19. Video Clips: flipping thru channels 
20. Achy Breaky Song 
21. Video Clips: Prince interview 
22. Smells Like Nirvana 
23. Video Clips: Bruce Springstein interview 
24. Bedrock Anthem 
25. Video Clip: Rambo 
26. Fat 

27. Keyboard Solo 
28. Yoda 

This is a very nice soundboard recording from the 1995 Alcan tour (Alaska - Canada). The set-list for this tour was very similar to the 1994 Alapalooza tour, except Franks 2000" TV was removed, and Livin In The Fridge was moved to the medley. 

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