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Genesis - 1987-06-08 - Berlin, DE (pre-FM/FLAC) by REQUEST

Genesis - 1987-06-08 - Berlin, DE
(pre-FM FLAC)

Reichstagsgelaende/Platz der Republik, June 8th, 1987.
TM Productions GEN870608TM

This remaster was formerly known as "MASTER OF BERLIN", and it is one of my early works, I did it in November 2000. In these days when remaster groups were rare (hard to imagine), my project had no name, nor had my babies.

The nameless primary version was traded in 2001 without my knowledge (but with my silent consent), and the name of the directory the SHNs were stored in was "\masterofberlin".  When I asked Speedy for the origin of the name, he said, he liked the sound of that, so in his trade list he called it that, partly to help explain to people what it was (make it recognizable) 
and half as an inside joke because he had been arguing (with Mark B) on the forum that "Master of Chicago" and BURP 003 were NOT pre-FM recordings of Chicago 78. Also, on the SHNGenesis hub people saw the directory name. So the name supposedly "stuck".

Later on, Mark B had Jeff M attempt to re-master this for the well known BURP 012 release. This is Speedy's recording comment of it (from The Movement): 
>>A bit disappointing in that I find the original source material of this remaster to sound better than the remaster. Still, bests "Triangle on Domino". But I *recommend* "Master of Berlin".<< 

01.  Introduction: Anything She Does (Video Version) 0:31
02.  Mama 7:22
03.  Abacab 8:40
04.  Domino (Part I: In The Glow Of The Night/ Part Ii: The Last Domino) 11:18
05.  That'S All 5:01
06.  The Brazilian 5:32
07.  In The Cage 7:58
08.  /...In That Quiet Earth 4:25
09.  Afterglow 4:39
10. Land Of Confusion 5:17

01.  Band Introduction 1:40
02.  Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 9:10
03.  Throwing It All Away 8:19
04.  Home By The Sea 5:19
05.  /Second Home By The Sea 6:47
06.  Invisible Touch 5:06
07.  Drum Duet 5.47
08.  /Los Endos 6:31
09.  Turn It On Again (Medley) 13:32
- Everybody Needs (Somebody To Love)
- (I Can'T Get No) Satisfaction
- Twist And Shout
- Reach Out (I'Ll Be There)
- You'Ve Lost That Loving Feeling
- Pinball Wizard
- In The Midnight Hour
- Turn It On Again

Pre-FM DAT, with the exception of "Throwing It All Away", "Drum Duet" and most of the spoken introductions. Most likely, these bits were omitted to keep the program length 
below 120 mins. So I had to restore the show with the help of a 2nd gen Cassette tape that David D was kind to lend me. This tape was noticably worse than the DAT and I remember it was not easy to adjust, but as no one has noticed the fact that the remaster was a composite, I think it must have worked ;)

Mastered with Sonic Solutions, restauration of the 2nd gen recordings with Sonic Solutions NoNoise. Further processing: SPL Spectralizer and SPL Maximizer.

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