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The Cure - 1996-09-15 - Hartford, CT (ALD/AUD/MTX/FLAC)


The Cure 
Hartford, Ct 
September 15, 1996 
The Meadows 

ALD+AUD DAT Matrix Mix 

Source 1 : JJ Telex ALD Feed Seeded by Mantoh (mono source) 
Source 2 : RK 32khz DAT Clone of Sonics Studios DSM6/DAT master 

01. Bells 
02. Plainsong (ALD feed fades out for about 10 second then back in) 
03. Want 
04. club America 
05. Fascination Street 
06. Lullaby 
07. High 
08. This is A Lie 
09. A Strange Day 
10. Just Like Heavan 
11. Jupiter Crash 
12. Round Round round 
13. Lovesong 
14. The Figurehead 
15. Strange Attraction 
16. Mint Car 
17. Catch 
18. Like Cockatoos 
19. One Hundred Years 
20. Return 
21. Treasure 
22. Trap 
23. Prayers for Rain 
24. Inbetween Days 
25. Edge of the Deep Green Sea 
26. Bare 

27. The 13ths 
28. Hot Hot Hot 
29. Close To Me 
30. Why Cant I Be You 

31. Forest 
32. Forever (last 4 minutes of Forever is aud only as ALD feed cut out early) 

-Mixed in CEPRO, JJ Telex Feed matched to clock on RK version. JJ resampled to 99.939 of source 2 
-Mixed by SZ 

Note : As with all matrixes, ask 100 people and you get a 100 different answers on what the best mix is, since I put the hours into it, this is how I prefer it to sound 

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  1. Thanks again for sharing another great show from The Cure with very good sound. And as it says in the note, opinions about the sound or possible remasters can have as many as tastes, some dates I have several points of view of the same show and all have their charm. If I believe that we must preserve the original if possible and that each draw their conclusions.
    Very good EDGE.