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Iggy Pop - 1980-05-08 - Udine, Italy (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Palasport, Udine
High quality stereo (mixing desk?) recording

Low gen tape > CDR > Audacity > TLH > FLAC

00 Intro
01 Hassles
02 Knocking Em Down In The City
03 Loco Mosquito
04 I Snub You
05 Sister Midnight
06 I'm a Conservative
07 Play It Safe
08 Funtime
09 I'm Crying
10 Dogfood
11 Five Foot One
12 One for My Baby
13 Lust for Life
14 I'm Alright
15 Take Care Of Me

This recording begins with the near final strains of The 1812 Overture, and Iggy shouting "Hey you f***ing c**ts kiss my butt!"

Then the band launch into it's immediately noticeable this recording is even  clearer than the Hammersmith (Feb 80), Hamburg (May 80) and the Pesaro (May 80) FM recording: the clarity, stereo sound and comparitively low audience noise  suggest it's a mixing desk recording.

The sound is not dissimilar to the (admittedly audience) Stadio Comunale, Torino, Italy, 19th June 1981 recording. Like the recent Sydney Capitol Theatre July 1983 FM recording, the vocal is sometimes a bit off centre, but since this the band seem about right in the stereo 'picture', I have not tried to correct that.

The recording signal fades a bit here and there on some of the tracks, I did some repairs of the worst bits of that in Audacity, raising the levels in the worst bits of dropout /fading out.

Nice to finally get a high quality stereo recording of I'm Crying...the only disappointment is that versions liked this missed the boat and got overlooked in all the previous live releases and compilations. Some tracks have faltering recording signal more than others - like Five Foot One and Take Care Of if you like to download one track to judge quality, I'd say try at the very least try something other than Five Foot One, where the signal was weakest. With Take Care of Me, signal fluctuations and noise meant I reduced the treble filter some of the worst of that - honestly, it made uncomfortable listening until I did that. Overall though, this is a fine quality recording.

So, after finding a few winter - spring 1980 recordings (which do actually all stand up on their own merits still), I have now finally found the best quality one it seems.

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