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Yes - 2003-09-15 - Tokyo, JP (IEM/FLAC)


International Forum Hall

Jon's Monitor Feed?

Some reception static, and the dominance of Jon's voice in the mix, lead me to believe this is a capture of Jon's monitor feed. I did some EQ and editing on the audio, but not much. Sound quality is good, but FM hiss is present throughout.

Lineage: wish I knew more. A receiver -> a recording device -> audio CD's -> EAC -> Sound Forge -> CD -> EAC -> FLAC. (This comes from the day when I didn't store FLAC files, so pardon the multiple CD generations. No errors occurred in the extractions.)

01 - Siberian Khatru
02 - Magnification
03 - Don't Kill The Whale
04 - In The Presence Of
05 - We Have Heaven
06 - South Side Of The Sky
07 - And You And I
08 - To Be Over (Howe solo)
09 - Clap (end CD 1)
10 - Sa-He-Ta (Japanese song - Tulip, according to
11 - Show Me
12 - Wakeman Solo
13 - Heart Of The Sunrise
14 - Long Distance Runaround
15 - Whitefish
16 - Awaken
17 - Applause
18 - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
19 - Roundabout

There's a move afoot to put Yes in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and you can add your voice to the campaign. Visit [url][/url] to sign the petition, and pass the word to your friends and fellow Yes fans. This is a fan-generated and fan-run effort, not something headed by Yes.

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