martedì 22 maggio 2018

Van Morrison - 1984-10-14 - Cardiff, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Van Morrison 
14 OCTOBER 1984 

uncirculated & complete 

Van Morrison : lead vocals, except [*], guitars, alto saxophone, harmonicas 

The Van Morrison Band : 
Richie Buckley : saxophones, call & response vocal [RB]; 
Martin Drover : trumpet; 
Tim Hinkly : keyboards; 
Arty McGlynn : guitar; 
Terry Popple : drums; 
Jerome Rimson : bass 

:Moondance [*, instr] 
:Boffyflow And Spike [*] 
:Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart No. 1 > 
Baby Please Don't Go > 
Gloria > 
Here Comes The Night > 
Brown Eyed Girl 
:Jackie Wilson Said 
:I Will Be There 
:Saint Dominic's Preview 
:It's All In The Game > 
You Know What They're Writing About > 
Make It Real One More Time 
:Northern Muse (Solid Ground) 
:Hard Nose The Highway 
:Help Me 
:Vanlose Stairway 
:She Gives Me Religion 
:Haunts Of Ancient Peace 
:A Sense Of Wonder 
:Cleaning Windows 
:Tore Down A La Rimbaud 
:What Would I Do? 
:Cry For Home 
:Summertime In England [RB] 
:Ancient Of Days 
:A New Kind Of Man 
:Bright Side Of The Road 
:Full Force Gale 

1h 59m 

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