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Little Feat - 1975-10-31 - Boston, MA (FM/FLAC)

(FM Broadcast FLAC)

2-Source FM Mix by OctopusRider May 2011

Source Info

FM 1: shnid=79471
Source: FM Re-Broadcast > Master FM Reels > Sony 2600(dat)
Transfer: Sony 2600 > Dio 2448 > CD Wave > Flac Frontend > FLAC16 > Nero 6 > Plextor PX-716A
Taped by Denny Cornman to reel to reel tape from FM in May 1976.
Mastered by Chris Cafiero, Little Feat archivist
Seeded to by Alex Ford.

FM 2: shnid=87982
WBCN-FM Live Broadcast > Reel > Reel > M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit > Cd Wave Editor > Flac
Uploaded to Dime by davmar77 and featseeker

Multitrack Mixdown Settings

Stereo Matrix
FM 1: +/-0db
FM 2: -1 to -9db

Original Sources FLACs > WAV > SHS7 > WAV > FLAC(8)

Disc 1 58:04
01. Introduction 01:06
02. Two Trains 04:15
03. Skin It Back > 05:41
04. Fat Man In The Bathtub 05:27
05. Walkin' All Night 04:58
06. A Apolitical Blues 03:31
07. One Love Stand > 04:41
08. Rock And Roll Doctor 05:02
09. Oh Atlanta 04:25
10. On Your Way Down 06:53
11. Day Or Night 07:15
12. All That You Dream 04:44

Disc 2 52:39
01. Romance Dance 05:38
02. Down Below The Borderline 04:17
03. Long Distance Love 03:08
04. Cold Cold Cold > 05:02
05. Dixie Chicken > 07:14
06. Tripe Face Boogie > 03:37
07. Bag Of Reds > 00:53
08. Tripe Face Boogie 03:39
09. Willin' 05:25
10. Teenage Nervous Breakdown 04:07
11. Sailin' Shoes 04:41
12. Spanish Moon 04:53

Show Notes
The tour was in support of The Last Record Album. The band had just finished doing 5 consecutive nights at Paul's Mall (small Boston Club of the era) and this performance was recorded at the Orpheum Theatre (2500 seats) on the night following that run. Perhaps the 5 previous nights help account for the band's over-the-top tightness and rhythmic pocket heard on this performance.

This show was originally broadcast live on WBCN 104.1 FM in Boston. There was at least one re-broadcast on WBCN about 6 months after the show.

Mix Notes
The main source for this 2-source mix is the FM re-broadcast for obvious reasons. It is very crisp and sounds fabulous! However, there are lots of drop outs and cuts throughout and there are 4 songs missing. All missing songs, cuts and dropouts were patched using the davmar77 recording. There are too many patches to mention them all but the big ones are an 11 second patch in On Your Way Down, an 11 second patch in All That You Dream and a 9 second patch in Romance Dance. There was also lots of extra stage banter between songs and crowd noise that was patched in for completeness including about an extra minute on the introduction from the house MC. Almost every song had at least one small drop out that was usually located in the beginning of the song. Those are hardly noticeable now. The 4 extra songs not included on the re-broadcast were One Love Stand, Rock And Roll Doctor, Down Below The Borderline and Sailin' Shoes. These are of course included here from the davmar77 source. The quality is considerably different than the re-broadcast but still nice quality. There are major problems with Down Below The Borderline from the PA or Radio on all sources. I did not make any attempt to fix anything here. It is simply included for completeness. It sounds fine at about 1:50 in.

All radio dj banter has been removed where possible.

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