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Ozzy Osbourne w Slash, Tom Morello and Geezer Butler - 2015-10-31 - New Orleans, LA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Ozzy Osbourne 
w/ special guests Slash, Tom Morello & Geezer Butler 
9:30 PM 
Saturday, October 31, 2015 
Voodoo Experience - Altar Stage 
City Park Festival Grounds 
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 

Recording Info: 
Device: Sony PCM-M10 
Microphone: Sony ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone 
Recorded Quality: Lossless PCM 
Sampling Rate: 48 kHz 
Bit Depth: 24-bit 
Editing: EQ Treble Boost (8 dB), .WAV file split with Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0d LE 
Conversion: Poikosoft's EZ CD Audio Converter v3.1.4 [64-Bit] 
Checksums: .MD5 & .ST5 files created with Trader's Little Helper v 2.7.0 (build 172) 
Lineage: Sony PCM-M10 > .WAV > .FLAC (Level 8) 

JITF (JumpInTheFire) 

Ozzy Osbourne (Vocals) 
Adam Wakeman (Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar) 
Rob Nicholson (Bass Guitar) 
Gus G. (Lead Guitar) 
Tommy Clufetos (Drums) 

Special Guests: 
Slash (Guitar) 
Tom Morello (Guitar) 
Geezer Butler (Bass Guitar) 

01. Intro 
02. I Don't Know 
03. Mr. Crowley 
04. Bark At The Moon 
05. Suicide Solution 
06. Shot In The Dark 
07. Gus G. Guitar Solo 
08. Jam 
09. Tommy Clufetos Drum Solo 
10. Iron Man 
11. N.I.B. 
12. Snowblind 
13. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 
14. War Pigs 
15. Fairies Wear Boots 
16. I Don't Want To Change The World 
17. Crazy Train 
18. Mama, I'm Coming Home 
19. Paranoid 

Runtime: 01 hour, 37 minutes, 17 seconds 

Recording Comments: 
Overall the sound turned out quite nicely, but the entirety of it isn't without some issues. I flew into Pensacola, FL and drove from there to New Orleans, arriving the day of the concert. It rained in New Orleans for approximately 30 hours straight (off and on). So needless to say, many people were making a mass exodus from the park by the time I had arrived. The constant rain did end up causing some issues with how much of a "mud bath" it was and worrying about keeping my microphone dry. I moved a little bit throughout the first few songs and ended up in a nice spot and stayed there for the entire performance, which was about 50 feet back centerstage. The only huge issue is that the last track, "Paranoid", a drop of water or something must've gotten into my microphone and caused a deafening of one of the stereo channels. I did notice a small random amount of "blips" in the sound throughout, which I can only assume were thanks to the never-ending rain. Overall, given the circumstances, this recording is more than acceptable and a good listen. Concert pictures included with this recording were taken with two cameras, to include a Samsung Galaxy S5 at 16 Megapixels and the Intro Video is 1920x1080 HD resolution. 

Recording "Proof" Comments: 
On track 02, "I Don't Know" at 5:26-5:30, Ozzy Osbourne says, "Give it up for one of my best friends, a guy called Tom Morello". There are a couple of other mentions throughout the recording about the rain and other special guests.

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