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Simple Minds - 1995-10-31 - Paris, FR (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Bootleg : "Live in Paris 1995"
Support : DVD Silver
Num. cat. : Immortal IMM 940378
Performance : Live
Source : Complete ProShot Broadcast

Silver DVD -> Unprotect and Rip -> 2U

Audio: Dolby 2.0 AC3 48000Hz 192kbps, Stereo (2/0)/Dolby 5.1 AC3 48000Hz 448kbps, 6 channels (3/2.1)/DTS 48000Hz 1536 kbps, C+L+R+SL+SR
Video: 16/9 MPEG2 720*480 4500kbps
Format: NTSC
Menu: Yes

Jim Kerr: Vocals
Charlie Burchill: Guitar
Malcolm Foster: Basss
Mark Schulman: Drums
Mark Taylor: Keyboards

01 She's a river
02 Up on the catwalk
03 See the lights
04 The american
05 Big sleep
06 Great leap forward
07 Someone somewhere (In summertime)
08 Hypnotised
09 Love song
10 Let there be love
11 Belfast child
12 Waterfront
13 Alive and kicking
14 Don't you (Forget about me)
15 Sanctify yourself

Duration: 01:28:57

The mighty, veteran band Simple Minds in 1995, returning to rousing, arena-form for a huge, enthusiastic Paris crowd. The new album was "Good news from the next world" - Bringing Simple Minds immense success with powerful songs like "She's a river", "Hypnotised" and "Great leap forward", all heard here. Vocalist Jim Kerr, with long-term partner guitarist Charlie Burchill, supported by a crew of the hardest-driving players in the Rock, brings to those and others numbers all the tireless passion and vocal intensity fans have come to expect from Simple Minds. Yet the band's breakout 1980's days are hardly forgotten in this concert. Propulsive, sophisticated, keyboard-driven arrangements of favorites from "See the lights" to "Someone somewhere in summertime" to "Love song" to "Belfast child" -along with an irresistible sing-along on "Don't you (Forget about me)"- bring out the best in the band drive the crowd into a frenzy.

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