giovedì 28 marzo 2019

Deep Purple - 1985-03-05 - Providence, RI (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Worth The Wait (FLAC)

Unknown generation CDR from a trade. 
Flac Level 8, Verify, Align on sector boundaries 

Disc 1:
01 Highway Star
02 Nobodys Home
03 Strange Kind Of Woman
04 A Gypsys Kiss
05 Perfect Strangers
06 Under The Gun
07 Lazy

Disc 2:
01 Child In Time
02 Knocking At Your Backdoor
03 Difficult To Cure
04 Space Truckin
05 Woman From Tokyo
06 Speed King
07 Smoke On The Water

Once again a great recording of a DP 85 show. I could actually belive this is a FM or SBD. Gillan is a bit up front in the mix, nothing disturbing, and there are some tiny volume fluctuations through the set, so there are a small possibility this actually is recorded outdoors. I recon some of you can enlighten us there. Tremendous work by Gillan on Nobodys Home, which I personally think is the best version I've ever heard. G really pushes his voice here. The Lazy intro is one of the really inspired Richie/Jon duets. Richies work all the way through it as well makes me miss him like hell. If you only need one show from this tour, pick this. This is indeed a memorable moment.

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