Saturday, June 17, 2017

AC/DC - 1977-01-07 - Hobart, Tasmania (TV/FM/FLAC)

(Radio or Tv Source FLAC)

A Giant Dose of Rock n Roll (Silver Bootleg)

Sounds like a Radio or Tv Source with SBD and Venue Microphones 9-/10
This is a really asskicking performance....amazing! 

01 Intro (Love Song) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
02 She s Got Balls
03 Problem Child
04 Live Wire
05 The Jack
06 Jailbreak
07 TNT
08 Can I Sit Next To You Girl
09 High Voltage
10 Baby Please Dont Go
11 Rocker


  1. Forget it. This is barely listenable. Bon's off mic and the band sounds like they're playing in a corrugated tin shed. Maybe they were, it's Hobart after all. A pity as it's very historical. Peter (Sydney)

  2. This is no way is a SBD. Don't waste your time with this POS. Some guy in the audience singing really loud during 'Dirty Deeds...' was the first thing I heard... ick. Terrible AUD recording.