Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Scorpions - 1999-08-14 - San Bernadino, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Blockbuster Pavilion 

Wlup Fm Dat Master (Flac)

Scorions Blockbuster Pavilion San Bernadino California August-14-1999
Sfx Radio Network Wlup Chicago Fm Broadcast Aired August 20Th 1999
Dat Master From The Krw_Co Collection 

Sfx/Wlup Fm Broadcast Dat Master(48Khz)>Sony Pcm R-500 Dat>Fiber Optic>Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Hd Model #Sb1240 Wav (16/48Khz)>Magix Audio Cleaning Lab For Track Marks Wav 16/48> Tlh Flac (Level 8)

All Ads Have Been Edited Out

Rudolf Schenker guitars vocals
Klaus Meine lead vocals 
Matthias Jabs guitar vocals 
James Kottak drums
Ralph Rieckermann bass vocals

01 Intro/Loving You Sunday Morning
02 Bad Boys Running Wild
03 Mysterious
04 Mind Like A Tree
05 Holiday
06 Winds Of Change
07 The Zoo
08 Big City Nights
09 Blackout
10 No One Like You
11 Still Loving You
12 Rock You Like A Hurricane


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