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Joni Mitchell - 1970-10-03 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Joni Mitchell

BBC In Concert: Joni Mitchell Sings Joni Mitchell
orig. broadcast October 9, 1970
recorded: September 3, 1970
BBC Television Centre
Shepherd's Bush
West London, England

PAL DVD, reconstruction of complete BBC 1970 b/cast in original order (48' 44'' edit here)
from the best known sources (incl. edited 2007 digital broadcast)

Video: 720x576, VBR (mixed VBR/CBR, 8500kbps max), interlaced, TFF
Audio: LPCM (48kHz, 16 bit, 1536kbps, 2 channel mono)

Still menu with audio.
Chapters (only songs linked from menu, the intros accessible from remote):

01 Chelsea Morning*
02 Hunter**
03 intro to 'The Gallery'**
04 The Gallery**
05 Cactus Tree*
06 My Old Man*
07 For Free*
08 intro to 'Woodstock'**
09 Woodstock***
10 introduction of dulcimer*
11 All I Want**
12 intro to 'California'*
13 California*
14 intro to 'Big Yellow Taxi'*
15 Big Yellow Taxi*
16 Both Sides Now*

Lineage (video):

*Original BBC4 DVB-S (30 min edit), January 11, 2007 =>SkyStar2/DVBViewer > VideoRedo > DVDLab > PLG torrent (thanks to joefish) =>TDA3 (cutting into 4 parts)> DGIndex (demuxing video) > Womble MVW (joining with other sources)

**archive videotape (unknown generation, time code close to top)>standalone DVD recorder>TDA2>Dime torrent #161251 (thanks to randall) > DGIndex>AviSynth (restoration of original frames with RePAL, FFT3D filter, hiding timecode and top/bottom lines)>CCE2.70 (CBR 8000kbps, progressive)

***analog BBC broadcast (retrospective compilation by Jools Holland) >VHS > DVD > Dime torrent #101561 ("Joni Mitchell + Co", thanks to Kotdd) => TDA > DGIndex > AviSynth (LeakKernelBob >VDub's DeLogo + FFT3D filter >Weave TFF) > CCE2.70(CBR 8500kbps, interlaced TFF)

Lineage (audio):

*DVB sourced DVD (details above)>DGIndex (demuxing of original stream - MP2, 256 kbps) > MAD (32-bit MPEG Audio Decoder > wav 48kHz 16 bit) > SoundForge8 (48kHz 64 bit > level adjustment > 64 to 16 bit, joining with other sources)

**/***archive videotape>(lossless transfer confirmed) trade CDR>EAC>FLAC frontend> Dime torrent #106758 (thanks again to randall!) => FLAC frontend (decompression, 44.1kHz 16bit) > SoundForge8 (44.1 kHz 64 bit > 44.1 to 48 kHz resampling> 64 to 16 bit> left channel duplicating)

Womble MVW for cut/join video streams + sync detection, SoundForge for seamlessly joining audio.
TDA3 for authoring from the resuting video and audio streams.

on archive source (3 songs + intros) timecode is now perfectly hidden with BBC logo (no more jumping digits). On Woodstock** UK ARENA logo filtered out (no cropping, of course).
Audio for the above pieces taken from lossless CDR source also coming from video tape (15625 kHz TV line frequency trace on spectrogram, also it can't be from a broadcast - no cut-off until 22.05kHz, half of the audio CD sampling frequency 44.1). It is mono (as all sources are, judging by waveform in SoundForge) and inferior in quality to MP2 stream of the BBC DVB, for this reason it was not used for the rest of material. There was also some static, mainly in right channel, so audio from left channel was used for replacement.
I didn't use any material from the older BBC4 broadcast torrented as 'trade DVD source', it proved to be modified: opening it in VDubMod shows it was deinterlaced (=re-encoded). And the picture is not as sharp as in the DVB source used here.
I tried different ways of editing material and making a DVD from those sources (cutting off time code with centering the rest, making different options for playback with and without duplicating DVB material, etc). All that worked but did not satisfy me, this version is the one I like.

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  1. Thanks for this -very cool - but part 4 is corrupt - any chance of fixing link?