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The Who - 1989-09-02 - Houston, TX (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

The Astrodome 

Proshot > Unknown Gen Vhs Tape > M2V/Wav > A/V Sync ("Spiderweb" Audio) > (Re)Encode/Author > Dvd5 > You! 

Video Details: 
Ntsc 720X480 4:3 4200(Vbr) 
Audio Details: 
224 Ac3 2Ch Stereo 

01 Substitute 
02 I Can See For Miles 
03 I'M A Man 
04 Eminence Front 
05 Amazing Journey / 
06 Sparks 
07 Pinball Wizard 
08 We'Re Not Gonna Take It 
09 Baba O'Riley 
10 Face The Face 
11 Boris The Spider 
12 Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands 
13 5:15 
14 Love Reign O'Er Me 
15 Rough Boys 
16 Join Together 
17 You Better You Bet 
18 Behind Blue Eyes 
19 Won'T Get Fooled Again 
20 Band Introductions 
21 The Real Me 
22 Hey Joe 
23 Born On The Bayou 
24 Who Are You 

4.25 Gb 

Many Thanks To Rdijohn For Sending Me The The Source Tape Several Years Ago. I Remember When I Got It How Surprised I Was With The Overall Quality, It Was Certainly Much Clearer And Better Sounding Than Versions I Was Familiar With. Unfortunately, The Audio Was Completely Out Of Sync With The Video, And Quite Pitchy In Spots. I Decided Fix It Because The Tape Was Clearly An Improvement And Worth Putting Into Circulation; And Secondly, To Develop An Archival Restoration Editing Tool To Allow Variable Synchronization Editing Of Independant Video And Audio Recordings. Being A Long Time Moon Era Who Fan Shows Like Denver '70, Houston '71, Paris '72, And Woodstock '69 Are Possible Candidates For Such Remastering. Some Of The Rumoured Films May Prove To Be Pipe Dreams, But In Case Footage Does Exist/Emerge ... I'M Ready If Needed. Always Hoped To Share This Effort On Long Live Rock, But It Took Me Forever, And Sadly, That Great Who Site Is No Longer. So I'Ve Decided To Stop Fiddling About With It; And Here It Is; Warts 'N All...The 'Oo Live In Houston '89. 

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work. I wish that I had uncirculated audio or video... I really don't have much Who that hasn't already been in the public domain or the audio is not very good; However it is a great souvenir for me of shows I attended.

    I have or need the following [That I have seen]:

    09 December 1975 - Richfield - Need. Have old DVD. Had audio before HD crash

    02 December 1979 - Pittsburgh - have. Purchased a few months after the show.

    26 September 1982 - Buffalo - Need

    13 December 1982 - Had before HD crash

    16 July 1989 - Pittsburgh - Have (bought fair audio a few months after the show - sound is what you would expect from a concrete stadium with a band turned up far louder than it needed to be.

    19 July 1989 - Cleveland - Have. Fair audio, worse video

    08 November 1996 - Pittsburgh - Need. Had on HD that crashed. Bought audience audio a few weeks after show. Have fair sounding audience.

    29 June 2000 - Pittsburgh - Had but lost in HD crash. Great sound and great show.

    29 July 2002 - Hershey - Need, never had.

    11 November 2012 - Pittsburgh - Perfect Audio and Video.