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Eric Clapton - 1983-09-21 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC) w Steve Winwood, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck

(Audience FLAC)

Audience recording>my 1984 Japanese triple vinyl bootleg album>Philips CDR760>CD-R>EAC>FLAC(level 8)>bittorent6.0.3

Eric Clapton, 
Jeff Beck, 
Jimmy Page, 
Steve Winwood
Ronnie Lane 
& Friends 

NOT the A.R.M.S. show, not the video, not the radio show! 

Royal Disc 1 
01. The National Anthem 

Eric Clapton: 
02. Everybody Oughta Change 
03. Lay Down Sally 
04. Have You Ever Loved A Woman/ Ramblin‘ On My Mind 
05. Rita Mae 
06. Cocaine 

Andy Fairweather-Low: 
07. Man Smart, Woman Smarter 

Steve Winwood: 
08. Some Comes Across The Water* 
09. Roadrunner* 
10. Slowdown Sundown* 
11. There’S A River* 
12. Gimme Some Lovin’* 

TOTAL: 57:46 min. 

* Eric Clapton on guitar 

Royal Disc 2 

Jeff Beck: 
01. Star Cycle 
02. The Pump 
03. Led Boots 
04. People Get Ready 
05. Hi Ho Silver Lining 

Jimmy Page: 
06. Prelude 
07. Who’S To Blame 
08. City Sirens 
09. Stairway To Heaven 

Finale (Clapton, Beck, Page): 
10. Wee Wee Baby 
11. Layla 
12. Goodnight Irene (W/R. Lane) 
13. Final Announcements 

TOTAL: 63:21 min. 

“The Three Yardbirds”: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, plus: 
Steve Winwood, Billy Wyman, Charlie Watts, Kenny Jones, Andy Fairweather-Low, Chris Stainton, Ray Cooper; mastermind: Ronnie Lane. 

OK folks, here’s the necessary trivia: Most of you may know ex-Small Face Ronnie Lane had organised his well-known September 20th, 1983 show at the Royal Albert Hall with his mates for his A.R.M.S. (Action for Research Into Multiple Sclerosis). That 150min. show was later officially released on video, and was also b’cast as a radio show by Superstar Concert Series. 

However, this show here is from the 2nd night on September 21st with the same personnel but dedicated to another good cause, dubbed appropriately “The Price’s Trust Rock Gala”. Prince Charles had just founded his charity project earlier in 1983, with Duran Duran playing the first charity show for the Prince’s Trust on July 20th. 

Therefore, he and late Princess Di attended “his” show which for this occasion had to be cut down to about two hours; obviously it was thought the royal couple may have had trouble sitting on their bums for longer than that. 

Eventually Eric dropped “Wonderful Tonight”, Steve omitted his opener “Hound Dog”, Jeff didn’t play “Good Bye Pork Pie Hat”, the All Stars left off Tulsa Time, and Ronnie “Bomber’s Moon”; only Page didn’t condense his set, most likely because with its 18plus minutes it was by far the shortest, anyway. 

So why would anyone with a somewhat sane mind ever want this show here which – as an audience recording to boot - doesn’t seem to be a match against the first night? Well, as far as I know, there is no complete version of the first night in circulation, and surprisingly not even an audience recording: the video omits Steve’s first two tracks “Hound Dog” and “Some Comes Across The Water”, and “Tulsa Time” whereas the radio show too comes without the two Winwood tracks, and lacks “Stairway to Heaven” (but contains “Tulsa Time” on the other hand). Groan! 

So, first of all, this show here is *complete*, plus the sound quality is real nice. The tape must have been recorded with high-quality equipment and sent to the Japanese bootlegger as a very low gen.copy. Most importantly though, this is the only recording that contains Steve’s “Some Comes Across The Water”. Now, this is a lovely number which IMHO is worth the admission alone! And Eric plays some intriguing guitar on this. My fave number of the entire show, I must say. Can’t figure its actual title as it seems unreleased – please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t have the slightest idea why it was omitted from the releases of the other show. 

And finally, as The Sun made it clear on their front page the following day, the icing of this cake was silver-dressed Di who of course(!) “outshone them all”. :)

The triple bootleg came out sometime in early 1984 and cost me fortune then, as it was common with most Japanese releases but I’ve never regretted my temporary bankruptcy. So, please enjoy it as much as I did (and still do) - and share! And of course DO NOT fumble on it (i.e. no equalizer “remastering”, OK?!), don’t circulate it as mp3 or in other lossy formats - and you know well: if you sell you’ll go to hell (most likely). 

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