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The Moody Blues - 1968-09-14 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

BBC Colour Me Pop 1968 DVD

Transmitted on 14th Sept. 1968

Source -

BBC Reel --> VHS Master -->DVD Trade -->DVD Decrypter --> Menus / Chapters with Ulead Videostudio -->Hard Drive Folder


PAL 4:3 25fp/s 720 x 576 Bitrate 10080 kb/s


AC3 Dolby Digital 256 kb/s 2-ch. mono

01. Ride My See Saw
02. Dr Livingstone I Presume
03. House Of Four Doors
04. Voices In The Sky
05. The Best Way To Travel
06. Visions Of Paradise
07. The Actor
08. Om

Total Time ; 24:35

OK folks, here is an uncirculated DVD of the Moody Blues from the BBC "Colour Me Pop" prog. from 1968. As far as I know, this has only ever been shown the once and is now liberated thanks to a fellow collector. The BBC actually aired over 30 of these programmes, but alas all but five have been wiped from the archives.More info here

Now as to the quality. This DVD transfer has black bars at the top and sides of the screen (this is how I received the basic files) and all I have done is added chapters/ menus. The picture quality is very good, although there is slight artifacting towards the end, - I understand this is due to the age of the master reel, All things said,this is a wonderful document of the Moodies at that time.



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