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The Velvet Underground - 1993-06-02 - Edinburgh, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland

A "Nothing Songs" release

Silver CD -> .aif -> CD-R -> .aif -> xACT flac conversion (level Cool

01 Real Good Time Together
02 Venus In Furs
03 Guess I'm Falling In Love
04 After Hours
05 All Tomorrow's Parties
06 Some Kinda Love
07 I'll Be Your Mirror
08 Beginning to See the Light
09 The Gift
10 I Heard Her Call My Name
11 Femme Fatale
12 Hey Mr. Rain
13 Sweet Jane
14 Velvet Nursery Rhyme
15 WL/WH

01 I'm Sticking With You
02 Black Angel's Death Song
03 R&R
04 I Can't Stand It
06 Heroin
07 Coyote

08 Venus In Furs
09 Beginning to See the Light
10 I Heard Her Call My Name
11 Femme Fatale
12 Hey Mr. Rain
13 Sweet Jane

The sound is really excellent. There are some very slight flaws in the edit here and there (first couple of seconds of Sweet Jane are cut), but nothing that makes this less than a superb soundboard recording. However, there are some dropouts during the soundcheck.

I will say that Cale sounds great as usual (especially his piano on ATP) and Sterl's guitar lines sound as perfect as I have heard on any VU recording from the 60's. Moe is simply...Moe! Lou's voice sounds great (compared to today), but his phony banter with the audience is nauseating. I remember reading how before the reunion gigs, Lou was frustrated with the sound he was getting from his guitar on "I'm Waiting for The Man." He just couldn't get it to sound as powerful as on the records. Moe had to remind him that he used to ONLY hit the strings on the downstroke during that song!

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