mercoledì 27 giugno 2018

Santana - 1991-06-28 - Denver, CO (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Mile High Stadium

This is a shortened set because Santana was the opener for The Grateful Dead. EX unknown lineage stereo soundboard.

Flac files received in trade (decompressed with xACT) > Pro Tools (minor "nip and tuck" edits, normalization and tracking - no noise reduction or equalization) > AIFF files > xACT (Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified).

Carlos Santana (guitar/percossion/vocals)
Benny Rietveld (bass)
Billy Johnson (drums)
Raul Rekow (percussion/vocals)
Karl Perazzo (percussion/vocals)
Chester Thompson (keyboards/vocals)
Tony Lindsay (vocals)

01 Mandela (10:19)
02 Life Is For Living (04:28)
03 It’s A Jungle Out There (04:06)
04 Somewhere In Heaven (10:20)
05 We Don’t Have To Wait / Benny Rietveld (13:01)
06 talk (00:51)
07 Peace On Earth / Mother Earth / Third Stone From The Sun (07:02)
08 Angels All Around Us / Spirits Dancing In The Flesh (08:25)

09 Europa > (05:28)
10 Jingo (06:16)

total: 70:16

after the soundboard audio track ended there was additional crowd footage on the video that allowed for some audience applause to be added seamlessly to provide a more-natural fade out.

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