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PJ Harvey - 2012-01-19 - Sydney, AU (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

State Theatre

triplej FM rebroadcast - 20 May 2012
Complete broadcast but not complete show - song order was rearranged (see full setlists below).

Technics ST-610 receiver > Pioneer A-604R amplifier > Edirol R-09 (16bit 44.1khz) > USB > Macbook Pro > Sound Studio (tracking, fades, cosmetic edits) > xACT (fix SBEs + FLAC, md5, ffp)

01 "Live at the Wireless" intro
02 Let England Shake
03 The Words That Maketh Murder
04 The Guns Called Me Back
05 Written On The Forehead
06 In The Dark Places
07 The Glorious Land
08 The Pocket Knife
09 Bitter Branches
10 On Battleship Hill
11 Come On Billy
12 band intro
13 Angeline
14 Down By The Water

Announcers' inane babble and station IDs removed. No music was harmed in the process. No attempt was made to reduce FM hiss which is only audible in the quiet bits. If your software can remove it without affecting sonic quality, please go ahead.

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