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Lou Reed - 1973-01-27 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

MASTER SBD SOURCE>?>"The Phantom of Rock" bootleg>WAV>FLAC>WAV>Cool Edit Pro v1.2.>FLAC 6

TITLE: Out of the Underground
VENUE: Alice Tully Hall

Included (Original "The Phantom of Rock" artwork & new original "Out of the Underground" artwork)

01. White Light/White Heat
02. Wagon Wheel
03. I'm Waiting For The Man
04. Walk and Talk It
05. Sweet Jane
06. New Age
07. Vicious
08. I Can't Stand It
09. Satellite of Love
10. Heroin
11. I'm So Free
12. Walk on the Walk Side
13. Rock & Roll
14. Sister Ray


This show needed a fair amount of work, mostly due to tape deterioration and/or multiple transfers. The frequency response needed to be adjusted moderately. Due to tape transfers, bad storage/tape, etc, a fair amount of low and high-end frequency loss has occured. made a few level cuts and boosts in sections of the recording where the levels apruptly increase and decrease. There are drop-outs here and there that have been corrected where possible. It's worth noting that New Age (track 6) has a fairly significant cut about half way through thr song. There is then a few seconds of silence. This silence has been removed. Enjoy the show, now more enjoyable with the layer of mude gone!

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