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Spirit - 1976-09-25 - New York City, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Spirit - The Bottom Line, New York, September 25Th 1976 

1st generation cassette > equalizer > cd > wav > flac. 

01. Nature'S Way 
02. Holding My Hand (Whispers From Heaven/False Promises) 
03. Like A Rolling Stone 
04. Victim Of Society 
05. World Eat World Dog 
06. Brute Force 
07. Mr. Skin 

01. Stoney Night 
02. Animal Zoo 
03. 1984 
04. Nothing To Hide 
05. It'S All The Same 
06. I Got A Line On You 
07. Fresh Garbage 
08. All Along The Watchtower 
09. New York Jam (Funny Noise At M. 1:18, Fades Out) 

FM Broadcast. The taper of it sent me this as a soundboard recording, sound quality is pretty good, but i've heard better ones. On the other side this is a really cool show.... 

This is a very good sounding show with some tunes from Farther Along & a very rare cut - Whispers From Heaven (edit - was called False Promises at this time) - which was only released on posthumously The Euro-American Years box-set - don't know if it was ever played again - maybe bpthree can give some info about that song - one of my favourites. 
Thanks again to Ginsley for sending this version my way.

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