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Bon Jovi - 1996-06-29 - Cologne, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

On to the important part...
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June 29, 1996, Mungersdorferstadion, Cologne, Germany

CDR received in a trade > lineage unknown

1. Lay Your Hands On Me
2. Bad Medicine
3. All I Want Is Everything
4. You Give Love A Bad Name
5. Runaway\
6. I Can't Help Falling In Love (a capella)
7. Bed Of Roses
8. Rocking All Over The World
9. Blood On Blood
10. Dry County
11. Damned
12. Wanted Dead Or Alive (acoustic)
13. I'll Be There For You (acoustic)
14. In These Arms (acoustic)
15. Something For The Pain
16. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
17. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ~ Papa was a Rolling Stone ~ Brown Sugar
18. Keep The Faith
19. (It's Hard) Letting You Go
20. Something To Believe In
21. Hey God

Encore 1:
22. Drift Away
23. Always
24. Stranger In This Town
25. These Days

Encore 2:
26. So You Wanna Be A Rock n Roll Star
27. Livin' On A Prayer

A phenomenal concert from Bon Jovi in their prime! I highly recommend anyone who doesn't have this download it, just look at the setlist.

Note: Very long show (180 minutes), even longer than round 1 which was 160 minutes! Drift Away, a very rare song that was played as an introduction to Always. No Gloria excerpt in Bad Medicine this time. Stranger In This Town, a song from Richie Sambora's solo project from 1991. So You Wanna Be A Rock n Roll Star in full version! No My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms this time, but (It's Hard) Letting Go was played. I Can't Help Falling In Love was sung before Bed Of Roses instead of Diamond Ring. No I'd Die For You acoustic wise this time, but I'll Be There For You instead. Overall a great show with lots of surprises!

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