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Steve Miller Band - 1973-07-01 - Sausalito, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Remastered Edition v2
Remasters Workshop
RMW 814


01 - Fly Like An Eagle > My Dark Hour Tease
02 - Just Like A Woman
03 - Mary Lou
04 - The Sky Is Cryin'
05 - Living In The Usa
06 - Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma
07 - Look Over Yonder'S Wall
08 - Ganster Of Love
09 - Space Cowboy
10 - Kow Kow Calqulator
11 - The Joker
12 - Seasons
13 - Going To The Country
14 - Jackson-Kent Blues
15 - Rock Me Baby

Notes from Remasters Workshop:
This show was rescued from a failing hard drive full of recordings I hadn't got around to for several years. And what a find it was! If you like Steve Miller, you are going to like these performances. I found this on Usenet, apparently not long after its initial appearance via other venues. It's been in storage ever since.

The recording was pitch, phase and level corrected in Audition 3, and retracked in CD Wave. EQ brightening was added to one track that was spliced in from a different source, to match the sound of the rest of the music.

Many thanks to the people who liberated the show - and to twofthrs at Dime - your efforts are appreciated! This is my humble attempt to keep your work accessible, because you don't find stuff like this every day, and it needs to be heard.

2012 Notes: Used judiciously, sound enhancement software can be used to great benefit. In this case, the BBE Sonic Maximizer was applied to the original cassette sound, which was quite dull. While not every type of sound benefits from BBE, it seems to be very effective on cassette sound. The result is like taking the blanket off the speakers, in a way that does not sound processed or artificial. This recording gained a whole new level of listenability. To illustrate the difference, an mp3 demo has been included, which switches back and forth between no effect and BBE, to show why the whole show redone this way was preferable to the existing recording. (Please do not add this to your disc!)

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