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Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - 1970-06-04 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Fillmore East, NYC, New York
1970 June, 4th 

01. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 
02. On The Way Home 
03. Teach Your Children 
04. Tell Me Why 
05. Triad 
06. Guinnevere 
07. Simple Man 
08. Man In The Mirror 
09. Cinnamon Girl 
10. Down By The River 
11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 
12. Black Queen 
13. 49 Bye-Byes 
14. America's Children 
15. Love The One You're With 

Minigap at Tr. 6, 2:18 min
Minigap at Tr. 6, 3:56 min

01. Pre-Road Downs 
02. Long Time Gone 
03. Helplessly Hoping 
04. Ohio 
05. As I Come Of Age 
06. Southern Man 
07. Carry On 
08. Find The Cost Of Freedom 

Thanks to Ron Schmitt here is the recently surfaced and very wonderful pair of CSN&Y Bill Halverson Soundboard shows! Ron wrote: I have the perfect 06/04/70 show - both discs 1 and 2 are complete and nearly flawless. However, unfortunately all known copies of 06/05/70 are missing the first four tracks of the acoustic set. I have been researching these two shows non-stop for the past month when I first got ahold of them. I've backtracked them to a deadend - all very mysterious,...where did they come from. Most folks are totally unaware of their existence! I believe they were leaked by someone close to the Neil camp. 

There were a total of four small errors - two on disc one of 06/04, and two on disc two of 06/05. I took these into my sound editor and the results were as follows: 

Disc One 06/04, Track 6 (Guinevere - 2:18; 2:56), - First flaw was a small gap not quite a full second - eliminated by about 95%. It was an uneven break so I couldn't eradicate it entirely. I doubt anyone will identify it. Second flaw was a one to two second long triple flutter - I reduced it by about 90%. There was no way to completely remove this one,...too tough the wave was actually stretched. Since it occurs during the acoustic set, I suspect this is the one flaw of the bunch that folks may well notice. 

Disc Two 06/05, Track 7 (Carry On -1:23; 5:28) - Both flaws were very tiny breaks, and were uneven breaks that did not match up on either channel. So, I was only able to reduce one by about 90% and the other by 70%. Fortunately these are in the middle of guitar flailing about, and I will be sincerely amazed if anyone notices them at all.

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