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Eric Clapton w/ Duane Allman- 1970-08-27 - Studio Sessions (STU/SHN)

(Studio FLAC)

Studio Session

Studio Jamming Sessions during the Derek & the Dominos Layla Sessions

THIS particular version rarely circulates

Source: Possible Master Reels

Lineage: Reels > ? > Shn

Eric Clapton - Guitar & Vocals
Carl Radle - Bass
Bobby Whitlock - Keyboards & Vocals
Jim Gordon - Drums

Special Guest
Duane Allman - Guitar & Slide Guitar [on tracks 4,5,6,8,9]

Jam Sessions
01. (fades in) Jam [19:59]
02. (fades in) Jam [12:31]
03. (fades in) Jam [13:25]
04. (fades in) Jam* [12:04]
05. (fades in) Jam (fades out) [9:00]
06. (fades in) Jam [5:55]

Outtakes, Alternates & Rehersals
07. Tell The Truth (Jam Rehersal) [13:49]
08. Meam Old World (Special Slate #1 Outtake) [4:18]
09. Mean Old World ( Duet Rehersal with Eric & Duane on guitars) [3:52]
10. It's Too Late (Alternate Take) [3:50]
11. Tender Love (Incomplete Outtake) [2:41]

* - Track 4 is an instrumental take on Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor". There is no real virtuoso playing on this track (though Clapton, Allman and Betts were the most capable of any to do that), just clean guitar lines and a wonderful beat provided by Jim Gordon and Butch Trucks. Each guitarist takes turns playing. It is probably the most excellent guitar playing ever put on disc. It was taken from the night Eric and Duane met,and special guest (Dickey Betts,Berry Oakley and Butch Trucks) came into the studio to jam with the Dominos. Out of an unreal 15 hours of jamming, all of which Tom Dowd smartly put on tape

History Notes
A few uninspired days into the Layla sessions, Tom Dowd, who was also producing for the Allmans for their album Idlewild South, invited Clapton to an Allman Brothers outdoor concert in Miami, where he first heard Duane Allman play. After several hours in the studio earlier that day the band was sneaked into the show with the help of Dowd and sat between the riser and fans below. At the concert, Dowd distinctly remembers:
" Duane was in the middle of a solo; he opens his eyes and looks down, does a dead stare, and stops playing. Dickey Betts is chugging along, see Duane's stopped playing, and figures he'd better cover, that Duane must've broken a string or something. Then Dickey looks down, sees Eric, and turns his back. That was how they first saw each other."
The next day (Aug 27, 1970) Duane arrived at the Criteria studios about 3 o'clock and would quickly befriend Clapton; Dowd says their easiness with one another was instantaneous, saying they were " trading licks, they were swapping guitars, they were talking shop and information and having a ball, no hold barred, just admiration for each other's technique and facility. We got back, turned the tapes on, and they went on for 15, 18 hours like that. I went through two or three sets of engineers. "
After the jam sessions Clapton invited Allman to become the fifth and final member of the Dominos.

A MUST HAVE for any music and/or guitar fan 

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