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Little Feat - 1973-09-17 - Atlanta, GA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)


SBD > MR > cas > cdr > wav > flac(lvl8) 

Sound Quality: A- 

01 introcuction > Walking All Night (4:09) 
02 Two Trains (3:20) 
03 Got No Shadow (5:29) 
04 The Fan (7:18) 
05 On Your Way Down (6:34) 
06 Rock & Roll Doctor (3:34) 
07 Oh! Atlanta (4:14) 
08 Skin It Back (4:39) 
09 Fat Man in the Bathtub (5:25) 
10 Sailin' Shoes (4:51) 
11 Cold Cold Cold (5:02) [brief cut at 2:42, ~1s missing] 
12 Dixie Chicken > (7:21) 
13 Tripe Face Boogie (1:45) [// inc, 10s-ff, missing segment, poss tape flip] 
14 Bag of Reds (1:57) 
15 Tripe Face Boogie (Reprise) > announcemnet (2:21) 

Runtime: 68:04 

Notes by the uploader:
I remain uncertain of the date for this set. The date as I recieved it was April 1973. Track 1, the MC pronounces: "Okaaaaay. Direct from a return engagement at Mrs. Hull's Boarding House, here they are, Little Feat". In FeatBase there are no entries for San Francisco or The Boarding House in 1973, and particularly not the night before this date which is occupied by a date at another venue. Featbase lists the following dates for Richard's in Atlanta: Sep, 17-20, 1973 and Aug. 22-24, 1974, and only one date for the Boarding House in San Francisco: 6/1/1976. However, this set matches perfectly that given for Torrent #139289, and is the only one of the dates for which a soundboard recording is known to exist. 

The tape is a cassette (Dolby-C) safety copy of a the master reel. I was informed that the reel was no longer playable so this is probably as good as it gets. 

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