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Freddie King - 1970-09-03 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Venue: Fillmore West 

CDR Trade>FLAC>Dime>speed/volume correction>flac 

01. Instrumental 4:34 
02. I'm Tore Down 5:37 
03. Someday Baby 5:16 
04. Have You Ever Loved a Woman 11:31 
05. Hideaway 6:47 
06. Key To The Highway 7:15 
07. Going Down Part One 5:49 
08. Going Down Part Two 1:51 
09. Ain't Nobody's Business 6:22 
10. The Stumble 4:12
11. Dust My Broom 5:31 
12. Have You Ever Loved a Woman 14:17

Total Time: 80:28 

Original Notes via jimitrane: 
This is the great Freddie King that I got in a CDR trade around 10 years ago. I don’t know the lineage except that it sounds like a soundboard. Freddie is hot as usual and this is a great addition to to any Freddie collection. This is recorded at the Fillmore West on 9-3-1970. Personnel unknown. This could be both sets because he does Have You Ever Loved A Woman twice. 

Updated Notes: 
The whole recording ran fast and was joined together and slowed down -1.4% using audacity along with being retracked and flac'd afterwards. The was also issues with volume levels being too hot and the stereo field being off that were also corrected here. 

With Freddie's upcoming induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame now seems a good time to start revisiting/rediscovering Freddie's body of live work. Hopefully this will kickstart some more postings of Freddie material here. 

For those that still burn these things to cdr, this will fit on a single cdr if you have overburn enabled for your software. Also if anyone wants to retool the original artwork to match the new track lengths and such please do. I didn't include it in the torrent for that reason.

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