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David Bowie - 1978-07-01 - London, UK (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)

David Bowie
Earls Court, London, UK
July - 01 - 1978

Matrix of 3 different recordings from the same show:

1. ( Last Night Earls Court Vinyl Rip) (Source 1) , SBD
2. (Earls Court 01 July 1978) (Source 2+3), AUD Matrix

Flac files of SBD + flac files of AUD Matrix  -> transfer to Magix Music Cleaning Lab -> arrangement of matrix (remaster/edit) -> FLAC (44,1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) -> bowiestation
Ex sound after some EQ. The ratio of the AUD Matrix in the mix is very low. The SB recording has some parts of the concert missing which are complete in the AUD Matrix. The missing parts are:

1. intro
2. some audience noise between most of the tracks
3. the last chords of Beauty And The Beast
4. band introduction
5. Hang On To Yourself
6. the last 40 seconds of Stay
7. Rebel Rebel

The reason why I made this Matrix not only is that I wanted a complete show but also the sound of the SBD for me is a bit dull and very dry. So by adding this small portion of the AUD Matrix makes the sound wider and adds a lot of live feeling which for me is very important for a live recording. For instance it comes out very clear that by a big part of the audience the slow and contemplative synth tracks from Lodger and Heroes are booed which was typical for the tour. Last but not least the original vinyl rip by Bluemooner has a lot of clicks and crackles which I removed.
So I hope you enjoy it.

David Bowie: vocals and occasional guitar
Adrian Belew: lead guitar
Carlos Alomar: rhythm guitar
Roger Powell: keyboards and synthesizer
Sean Mayes: piano
Simon House: violin
George Murray: bass
Dennis Davis: percussion

01 intro*
02 Warszawa
03 "Heroes"
04 What In The World
05 Be My Wife
06 The Jean Genie
07 Blackout
08 Sense Of Doubt
09 Speed Of Life
10 Sound And Vision
11 Breaking Glass
12 Fame
13 Beauty And The Beast

01 band intro*
02 Five Years
03 Soul Love
04 Star
05 Hang On To Yourself*
06 Ziggy Stardust
07 Suffragette City
08 Art Decade
09 Alabama Song
10 Station To Station
11 TVC 15
12 Stay**
13 Rebel Rebel*

length 112:22 min

* only AUD Matrix
** last 40 seconds only AUD Matrix

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